Top 7 Benefits of Physical Therapy

Physical therapists are experts who specialize in helping people improve and maintain their maximum level of mobility, range of motion, and pain-free functionality. Depending on your needs, a physical therapist can help you with a host of issues by developing a customized plan to assist you in meeting your goals.

Every person has different needs, abilities, and goals, but one of the things that makes physical therapy so effective is that it can meet people where they are and help them reach the best quality of life and quality of movement that they are capable of. Physical therapy’s benefits are many, but here are seven of our favorites:

1. It can be used preventatively. While physical therapy is very effective at helping people recover from injury or manage existing conditions, what a lot of people don’t realize is that it is also a preventative powerhouse. Physical therapists work with people at all stages of life and levels of activity to help them strengthen their muscles and improve balance and flexibility. This can be a great preventive measure against sports injuries or everyday falls.

2. It can help you avoid surgery. While everyone’s medical situation is different, physical therapy has such a strong ability to help people recover from injuries that in many instances surgery can be avoided all together. In cases where surgery is not avoidable, physical therapy can help people get ready for surgery and help them achieve a faster recovery time.

3. It can help you reduce pain. Physical therapy uses a variety of methods to help people reduce or even eliminate the pain associated with injuries or certain conditions. When most people think of physical therapy, they think of exercises, and that is certainly one of the techniques used. However physical therapy also relies on techniques like electrical stimulation, ice and heat, and soft tissue manipulation that can include therapeutic massage.

4. It can help you recover from an injury or stroke. After an injury or stroke, it is common for people to have to not only rebuild their strength, but retrain their muscles to do things that they had been doing for most of their lives on their own, like eating and walking. Physical therapy helps people regain as much of that normal and independent functioning as possible so they can enjoy a better quality of life post-stroke or injury.

5. It can help you manage chronic conditions like diabetes. Some chronic conditions can be helped through regular exercise, so physical therapy can be an important element in your overall approach to managing a condition like diabetes. Certain vascular or pulmonary issues can also be helped by physical therapy that focuses on breathing exercises and strengthening your lung capacity.

6. It can help you keep healthy as you age. As people age, it’s common for them to experience a decrease in mobility, balance, flexibility, and muscle strength. Physical therapy can help keep you in the best shape possible to avoid age-related issues like falls, as well as increase your chances for staying independent with a great quality of life.

7. It can help women manage their specific health concerns. Certain issues are particular to women, and physical therapy can specialize in addressing them. Women’s health issues can arise in relation to pregnancy and birth, or independent of those experiences. Techniques like pelvic floor therapy can help women with a host of issues ranging from lower back pain and incontinence to painful intercourse and more.

Are you looking for compassionate, expert care to help you recover from an injury, manage pain or a chronic condition, or maximize your mobility? Reach out to the professionals at Core 3 Physical Therapy today to find our how physical therapy can help you!

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