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When Should You Visit a Physical Therapist Instead of a Massage Therapist?

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The highly trained and experienced physical therapists at CORE 3 PT use advanced modalities and proven techniques to help patients reach their maximum recovery in the shortest possible time frame. We are Direct Access Certified, so you can schedule an appointment without a doctor’s referral.

When in need of physical therapy, Chalfont PA residents turn to CORE 3 for comprehensive care from board-certified specialists.

We treat a wide range of conditions, including orthopedic injuries, pelvic floor issues, neck and back pain, sprains, strains, and many other conditions. Call 267-308-5330 today to schedule an appointment.

Physical Therapist vs. Massage Therapist—What’s the Difference?

Massage therapy plays an important role in the treatment of many conditions, but massage therapists are not qualified to treat injuries. Massage therapy is a holistic field that focuses on the mind and body as a whole. Although massage therapists are trained in physiology and anatomy, their training and knowledge in these fields are not as comprehensive as those of a physical therapist. Most people who consult massage therapists are healthy and want to improve their overall wellbeing.

Physical therapists are highly trained and educated healthcare professionals who focus on helping patients recover from injuries, restore mobility, and reduce pain. They are able to diagnose certain dysfunctional movements, create treatment plans, and monitor a patient’s progress.

Will My Health Insurance Cover Physical Therapy?

Medicare, workers’ compensation, and most private insurers cover physical therapy sessions if they are medically necessary and provided under the supervision and direction of a physical therapist. However, there may be certain limits on what your health insurance will cover. For example, you may only be covered for a certain number of PT sessions. To avoid paying out of pocket, be sure to discuss your coverage with your insurance provider before your first physical therapy appointment.

Physical Therapy Chalfont PA from CORE 3 PT

If you are recovering from a recent injury or suffering chronic pain, visit CORE 3 PT to find out how our board-certified physical therapists can help. We treat each patient as an individual and personalize our treatment plans to ensure maximum recovery within the shortest possible time frame. Call 267-308-5330 today to schedule an appointment.