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Physical Therapy FAQs

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The board-certified physical therapists at CORE 3 PT have the skills, experience, and technology to treat a wide range of medical conditions, including pelvic floor issues, TMJ dysfunction, orthopedic injuries, bone fractures, and more. We are Direct Access Certified, so you can visit us without a physician’s referral. When searching for an established clinic for physical therapy, Blue Bell PA residents trust CORE 3 PT to provide comprehensive care and deliver exceptional results.

We have all the modalities you should expect at an advanced physical therapy clinic, including heat, ice, electrical stimulation, and TENS. Schedule an appointment today by calling 267-308-5330.

How Long Does It Take to See Results from Physical Therapy?

The answer to this question depends on many factors, including your specific condition, its severity, and the techniques and technologies used by your physical therapist. The typical soft tissue injury takes about four to eight weeks to heal.

What Should I Wear to a Physical Therapy Session?

This is a question you should ask your PT, but in general, you will want to wear clothes that make it easy to move around. Make sure the clothing you wear gives you a full range of motion in any injured areas. For example, wear shorts if you have knee or hip pain, and wear a loose-fitting shirt if you have shoulder pain.

Can Physical Therapists Perform a Deep Tissue Massage?

Absolutely! Deep tissue massage is part of the treatment program for sprains, strains, and many other conditions. The pressure employed during a deep tissue massage allows tension to release in your muscles and soft tissues.

Can Physical Therapy Reduce Pain and Prevent It from Returning?

For many conditions, physical therapy can reduce pain or eliminate it entirely. Therapeutic exercises, soft tissue mobilization, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, and other techniques and modalities can relieve pain and restore joint and muscle function.

Physical Therapy Blue Bell PA from the Experts at CORE 3

When in need of physical therapy, Blue Bell PA residents turn to CORE 3 PT for advanced treatments from board-certified specialists. Call 267-308-5330 to schedule an appointment.