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Why Choose CORE 3 PT for Pelvic Floor Therapy?

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Pelvic pain is endured by many women and men. While many may be desperate for relief from the pain and complications, few seek out treatment that could lead to a better quality of life. At CORE 3 PT, our team of top physical therapists has years of experience treating pelvic pain in Colmar, Lansdale, Montgomeryville, and North Wales, helping women and men enjoy life unshackled by pelvic floor dysfunction. When looking for specialists in pelvic floor therapy, Hatfield PA residents trust CORE 3 PT.

During your first appointment, we will answer your most pressing questions, talk about your goals and walk you through every step of the treatment process. Start your pain-free life today by calling 267-308-5330 to schedule an appointment.

For now, read on to find out how we treat pelvic pain and what to expect as a patient at CORE 3 PT:

  1. Our Treatments Suit Your Lifestyle

Between the school run, the nine-to-five and those last-minute emergencies, we know that you have a busy life. Our therapists will personalize your treatment plan to your lifestyle. We will make the most of every appointment to ensure that you leave our clinic feeling better than when you arrived. Take a look at some of our testimonials.

  1. We May Conduct an Internal Pelvic Exam

Internal pelvic exams can be instrumental to uncovering the root cause of pelvic pain. Our physical therapists are licensed to perform these exams and will evaluate your pelvic floor’s muscle strength and integrity to construct a complete picture of how to treat and alleviate your symptoms.

Our goal is to conduct the exam in the least invasive way possible. Your comfort is our primary concern.

  1. We Use Advanced Physical Therapy Technology

Whether our physical therapists are alleviating your pelvic pain or treating orthopedic injuries, they will always have access to all the modalities you should expect at a top physical therapy clinic. These include ice, heat, electrical stimulation, ultrasound and TENS.

Experts in Pelvic Floor Therapy Hatfield PA Residents Trust

Our team has advanced training in pelvic floor rehabilitation, women’s health, orthopedics, and geriatrics. Call 267-308-5330 to schedule your appointment today.