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About Us

CORE 3 Physical Therapy is a privately owned outpatient orthopedic clinic which also provides specialty treatment in the area of Women’s Health and pelvic floor dysfunction, in addition to common orthopedic injuries. Our physical therapists are Direct Access Certified allowing them to provide treatment to patients without a physician referral. Our physical therapists are also specialists in their fields, with advanced training in the areas of orthopedics, geriatrics, and women’s health and pelvic floor rehabilitation.

CORE 3 Physical Therapy provides one-on-one treatment, focusing on the individual. We not only treat your symptoms but also tailor our treatment to address the cause of your pathology, in order to not only provide relief, but to provide lasting relief. We offer all modalities such as heat/ice/electrical stimulations, TENS, and ultrasound. However, we focus our treatment on manual therapy progressing patients through an individualized exercise program to accomplish their goals.

Stop in or call us to see how we can provide you the best available treatment in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

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